3GPP S6a  Application ( 16777251 )

The S6a reference point is between the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) and the Mobility Management Entity (MME), and is used for location changes of the MME. The S6d interface is between the HSS and the Serving GPRS Service Node (SGSN), for location changes of the SGSN. The procedures, message parameters and protocol are similar between S6a and S6d.
Reference:  3GPP TS29.272   View



Update-Location-Request_S6 316
Update-Location-Answer_S6 316
Cancel-Location-Request_S6 317
Cancel-Location-Answer_S6 317
Authentication-Information-Request_S6 318
Authentication-Information-Answer_S6 318
Insert-Subscriber-Data-Request_S6 319
Insert-Subscriber-Data-Answer_S6 319
Delete-Subscriber-Data-Request_S6 320
Delete-Subscriber-Data-Answer_S6 320
Purge-UE-Request_S6 321
Purge-UE-Answer_S6 321
Reset-Request_S6 322
Reset-Answer_S6 322
Notify-Request_S6 323
Notify-Answer_S6 323