3GPP S6b  Application ( 16777272 )

The S6b reference point is between the PDN Gateway (PGW) and 3GPP AAA server/proxy for mobility related authentication if needed. This reference point may also be used to retrieve and request storage of mobility parameters, and may also be used to retrieve static QoS profile for a UE for non-3GPP access in case dynamic PCC is not supported.
Reference:  3GPP TS29.273   View



Re-Auth-Request-S6b 258
Re-Auth-Answer-S6b 258
AA-Request-S6b-PMIPv6 265
AA-Answer-S6b-PMIPv6 265
Diameter-EAP-Request-S6b-DSMIPv6 268
Diameter-EAP-Answer-S6b-DSMIPv6 268
Abort-Session-Request-S6b-3GPP-AAA-Initiated 274
Abort-Session-Answer-S6b-3GPP-AAA-Initiated 274
Session-Termination-Request-S6b-PGW-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Answer-S6b-PGW-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Request-S6b-3GPP-AAA-Initiated 275
Session-Termination-Answer-S6b-3GPP-AAA-Initiated 275