Interface Name  <name> 

Defines the name by which interface is identified




  element name




Socket Interface <interface> SocketInterface
Socket Interface <socket> SocketInterface
REST Interface <rest_interface> restSocketInterfaceType
Media Sub Component <media_sub_component> mediaSubComponentType
Predefined PCC Rules <predefined_pcc_rules> pdpRuleType
Default Bearer Configuration Data <default_bearer> defaultBearerType
Static PCC Rules <static_pcc_rules> ruleType
Predefined PCC Rules <predefined_pcc_rules> ruleType
QoS Enforcement Rule <qos_enforcement_rule> QosEnforcementRuleType
Forwarding Action Rule <forwarding_action_rule> ForwardingActionRuleType
Usage Reporting Rule <usage_reporting_rule> UsageReportingRuleType
Default Bearer Configuration Data <default_bearer> fiveGDefaultBearerType
Static PCC Rules <static_pcc_rules> pduRuleType
Predefined PCC Rules <predefined_pcc_rules> pduRuleType
Buffering Action Rule <buffering_action_rule> BufferingActionRuleType
Localized Service Area Information <lsa_information> lsaInfoType
Subscription Profile <subscription_profile> SubscriptionProfileType
IPSec Client Data <ipsec_data> IpsecClientDataType
Tag Presence <tag> LdapTagPresenceType
AVP Presence, with Definition <tag_def> LdapTagDefinitionPresenceType
Tag Definition <tag> LdapDefinitionTagType
Ldap Message Definition <message> LdapMessageType
GTP-U Data Message <gtpuPDU> GtpV1UMsgType
GTP-U Data Message <gtpuPDU> GtpV2UMsgType
Global Action <node_action> GlobalActionType
SmartEvents State Machine <SmartEvents> SmartEventsType
SPR Action <action> sprActionType
SCCP Interface <sccp_interface> SccpInterface
GTP Interface <gtp_interface> gtpInterfaceType
SCTP Interface <interface> SctpInterface
Control Socket <interface> s1apMmeInterface
Control Socket <interface> m3apMmeInterface
SCTP Interface <interface> SctpServerInterface
Radius Interface <radius> RadiusServerInterfaceType
Radius Interface <radius> RadiusInterfaceType
Radius Server-Client Interface <radius_server_client> RadiusInterfaceType
Control Socket <interface> s1apInterface
Control Socket <interface> m3apInterface
REST Interface <rest_interface> restSocketInterfaceType
NWU Interface <interface> nwuInterface
HTTP Interface <interface> serverHttpInterface
PFCP Interface <pfcp_interface> pfcpInterfaceType
NGAP Interface <interface> ngapInterface
REST Interface <secondary_rest_interface> restSocketInterfaceType
N32-f Interface on the SEPP Node <n32f_interface> n32fInterfaceType
Smart Action Command <SmartAction> SmartActionType
REST Interface <rest_interface> restSocketInterfaceCommand
Subscription Command Data <subscription_profile> SubscriptionProfileCommandType
SmartEvents State Machine <SmartEvents> SmartEventsCommandType
SOAP Message Flow Commands <SmartFlow_soap> SoapSmartFlowCommandType
Bearer Rule <rule> ruleType
NRF Action <action> nrfActionType
HLR Action <action> hlrActionType
SGSN Action <action> sgsnActionType
HSS Action <action> hssActionType
MME Action <action> mmeActionType
VLR/MSC Action <action> vlrActionType
BBERF Action <action> bberfActionType
PCEF Action <action> pcefActionType
TDF Action <action> tdfActionType
PCRF Action <action> pcrfActionType
OCS Action <action> ocsActionType
OFCS Action <action> ofcsActionType
CDF Action <action> cdfActionType
CTF Action <action> ctfActionType
GGSN Action <action> ggsnActionType
GMSC Action <action> gmscActionType
GMLC Action <action> gmlcActionType
gsmSCF Action <action> gsmSCFActionType
CSCF Action <action> cscfActionType
AAA Action <action> aaaActionType
AGW Action <action> agwActionType
EPDG Action <action> epdgActionType
IP Server Action <action> ipsActionType
AS Action <action> asActionType
GTP Node Action <action> gtpNodeActionType
SMLC Action <action> smlcActionType
E-NodeB Action <action> enbActionType
Radio Network Controller (RNC) Action <action> rncActionType
DHCP Relay Agent Action <action> dhcpRelayAgentActionType
SmartWeb Node Action <action> smartWebActionType
SGW Action <action> sgwActionType
PGW Action <action> pgwActionType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Action <action> UdcClientActionType
REST Interface <rest_interface> serverHttpInterfaceCommand
IP Client Action <action> ipcActionType
Socket Command <interface> serverHttpInterfaceCommand
MBMS GW Action <action> mbmsGwActionType
MTC IWF Action <action> mtcIwfActionType
SCS Action <action> scsActionType
SIP Server Action <action> sipServerActionType
SCEF Action <action> scefActionType
PFDF Action <action> pfdfActionType
ESME Action <action> esmeActionType
SMF Action <action> smfActionType
UPF Action <action> upfActionType
gNodeB Action <action> gnbActionType
AMF Action <action> amfActionType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfActionType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfServerActionType
AUSF Action <action> ausfActionType
PCF Action <action> pcfActionType
CHF Action <action> chfActionType
REST Interface <secondary_rest_interface> restSocketInterfaceCommand
LMF Action <action> lmfActionType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Action <action> bmscActionType
SMSF Action <action> smsfActionType
NSSF Action <action> nssfActionType
UDR Action <action> udrActionType
CBCF Action <action> cbcfActionType
NEF Action <action> nefActionType
NWDAF Action <action> nwdafActionType
AF Action <action> afActionType
Binding Support Function Node Action <action> bsfActionType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Action <action> seppActionType
REST Interface <n32f_interface> n32fInterfaceCommandType
eSTP Action <action> estpActionType
EDRA Action <action> edraActionType
PKI MGMT NODE Action <action> pkiMgmtNodeActionType
SPR Action <action> sprActionResponseType
SPR Action Response <SmartAction> SmartActionResponseType
Socket Interface <interface> SocketInterfaceResponse
Socket Interface <socket> SocketInterfaceResponse
HLR Action <action> hlrActionResponseType
 <sccp_interface> sccpInterfaceResponseType
SGSN Action <action> sgsnActionResponseType
Diameter Interface Response <diameter> diameterResponseType
HSS Action <action> hssActionResponseType
MME Action <action> mmeActionResponseType
Diameter Interface Response <diameter_secondary> diameterResponseType
VLR/MSC Action <action> vlrActionResponseType
BBERF Action <action> bberfActionResponseType
PCEF Action <action> pcefActionResponseType
TDF Action <action> tdfActionResponseType
PCRF Action <action> pcrfActionResponseType
OCS Action <action> ocsActionResponseType
OFCS Action <action> ofcsActionResponseType
CDF Action <action> cdfActionResponseType
CTF Action <action> ctfActionResponseType
GGSN Action <action> ggsnActionResponseType
GMSC Action <action> gmscActionResponseType
GMLC Action <action> gmlcActionResponseType
gsmSCF Action <action> gsmSCFActionResponseType
CSCF Action <action> cscfActionResponseType
AAA Action <action> aaaActionResponseType
Radius Interface <radius> RadiusServerInterfaceResponseType
AS Action <action> asActionResponseType
AGW Action <action> agwActionResponseType
Radius Interface Response <radius> RadiusInterfaceResponseType
Radius Interface Response <radius_server_client> RadiusInterfaceResponseType
EPDG Action <action> epdgActionResponseType
GTP Node Action <action> gtpNodeActionResponseType
SMLC Action <action> smlcActionResponseType
E-NodeB Action <action> enbActionResponseType
Radio Network Controller (RNC) Action <action> rncActionResponseType
DHCP Relay Agent Action <action> dhcpRelayAgentActionResponseType
DHCP Server Action <action> dhcpServerActionResponseType
SmartWeb Node Action <action> smartWebActionResponseType
SGW Action <action> sgwActionResponseType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Action <action> UdcClientActionResponseType
IP Server Action <action> ipsActionResponseType
IP Client Action <action> ipcActionResponseType
MTC IWF Action <action> mtcIwfActionResponseType
SCS Action <action> scsActionResponseType
SCEF Action <action> scefActionResponseType
PFDF Action <action> pfdfActionResponseType
ESME Action <action> esmeActionResponseType
gNodeB Action <action> gnbActionResponseType
AMF Action <action> amfActionResponseType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfActionResponseType
AUSF Action <action> ausfActionResponseType
PCF Action <action> pcfActionResponseType
CHF Action <action> chfActionResponseType
LMF Action <action> lmfActionResponseType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Action <action> bmscActionResponseType
SMSF Action <action> smsfActionResponseType
NSSF Action <action> nssfActionResponseType
UDR Action <action> udrActionResponseType
CBCF Action <action> cbcfActionResponseType
NEF Action <action> nefActionResponseType
NWDAF Action <action> nwdafActionResponseType
AF Action <action> afActionResponseType
Binding Support Function Node Action <action> bsfActionResponseType
N3IWF Action <action> n3iwfServerActionResponseType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Action <action> seppActionResponseType
eSTP Action <action> estpActionResponseType
EDRA Action <action> edraActionResponseType
IE Presence <ie> s1IePresenceType
IE Definition <ie> s1IeDefinitionType
Initiating Message <initiating_message> s1apMessageType
Successful Outcome <successful_outcome> s1apMessageType
UnSuccessful Outcome <unsuccessful_outcome> s1apMessageType
 <procedure> s1apPDU-Description
IE Presence <ie> MapIePresenceType
IE Definition <ie> MapIeDefinitionType
Initiating Message <initiating_message> MapapMessageType
Successful Outcome <successful_outcome> MapapMessageType
UnSuccessful Outcome <unsuccessful_outcome> MapapMessageType
 <operation> MapapPDU-Description
IE Presence <ie> m3IePresenceType
IE Definition <ie> m3IeDefinitionType
Initiating Message <initiating_message> m3apMessageType
Successful Outcome <successful_outcome> m3apMessageType
UnSuccessful Outcome <unsuccessful_outcome> m3apMessageType
 <procedure> m3apPDU-Description
IE Presence <ie> ngapIePresenceType
IE Definition <ie> ngapIeDefinitionType
Initiating Message <initiating_message> ngapapMessageType
Successful Outcome <successful_outcome> ngapapMessageType
UnSuccessful Outcome <unsuccessful_outcome> ngapapMessageType
 <procedure> ngapapPDU-Description