Name  <name> 

String used for naming various entities, limited to 63 characters long








Traffic Profile <traffic_profile> TrafficProfileType
Access Profile <access_profile> AccessProfileType
Authentication Profile <authentication_profile> AuthenticationProfileType
SGSN-CAMEL Profile <camel_profile> sgsnCamelType
DHCP Profile <dhcp_profile> dhcpProfileType
IMS Profile <ims_profile> imsProfileType
Geographical Coordinates <geographical_coordinates> GeographicalCoordinatesType
Location Services Profile <lcs_profile> lcsProfileType
NAS Session <session> nasSessionType
Network Access Server Profile <nas_profile> nasProfileType
Policy Counter Threshold <policy_counter_threshold> policyCounterThreshold
Quota Pool for PCC Service(s) <pool> pccPoolType
Flow Description <flow_description> ipFilterRuleType
Flow Information <flow_information> flowInfoType
Final Filter Rule <final_filter_rule> ipFilterRuleType
Value Element <value> cdrValueElementType
Container Element <container> cdrContainerElementType
Restriction-Filter-Rule <Restriction_Filter_Rule> cdrIpFilterRuleType
Value Element <string> cdrValueElementType
Value Element <number> cdrValueElementType
Container Element <array> cdrArrayContainerType
Container Element <object> cdrObjectContainerType
Service Profile for PCC <service> pccServiceType
Usage Monitoring Information <usage_monitoring> usageMonitoringType
Policy and Charging Control Profile <pcc_profile> pccProfileType
SMS Profile <sms_profile> smsProfileType
Flow Information <flow_information> flowInfoType
Flow Information <flow_information> flowInfoType
MAC Filter <mac_filter> MacFilterType
Flow Information <flow_information> flowInfoType
Ethernet Filter <ethernet_filter> EthernetFilterType
Subscriber Profile Attribute <attribute> udAttributeType
Subscriber Repository Profile <udc_profile> UDCProfileType
User Plane Verification <verification> UserDataVerificationType
DNS Load Client Configuration <dns_load> DnsLoadType
Basic User Plane Data <basic_data> BasicDataType
SIP User Plane Data <sip> SipClientType
RTP Client Configuration <rtp> RtpClientConfigType
MSRP Client Configuration <msrp> MsrpClientConfigType
SIP-SDP User Plane Data <sdp> SdpClientConfigType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> HttpDataType
HTTP Header Field <http_field> HttpDataType
XML Element Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
HTTP Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
HTTP Element <element> HttpDataType
Http Container <container> HttpContainerType
XML Element Attribute <attribute> HttpDataType
JSON Object Member <member> JSONObjectMember
XML Content <xml> HttpContainerType
Http DNS Client Configuration <dns> HttpDnsType
HTTP GET <get> HttpRequestType
HTTP POST <post> HttpRequestType
HTTP PUT <put> HttpRequestType
HTTP DELETE <delete> HttpRequestType
HTTP OPTIONS <options> HttpRequestType
HTTP Field <http_field> HttpDataType
HTTP Result <result> HttpResultType
HTTP Configuration <http> HttpClientConfigType
HAS Client Configuration <has> HasClientConfigType
Replay Message <message> ReplayMessageType
Replay Configuration <replay> ReplayClientConfigType
User Plane Configuration <user_data_profile> UserDataProfile
WiFi Profile <wifi_profile> wifiProfileType
Access network discovery and selection policy (ANDSP) <andsp_policy> andspPolicyType
Traffic Descriptors <traffic_descriptors> trafficDescriptorsType
Traffic Descriptors <route_selection_descriptor> routeSelectionDescriptorType
Route Selection Descriptors <route_selection_descriptors> routeSelectionDescriptorsType
URSP Rules <ursp_rule> urspRuleType
UE route selection policy (URSP) <ursp_policy> urspPolicyType
UE Policies Profile for 5GS <ue_policies_profile> uePoliciesProfileType
SmartEmail <email> SmartEmailType
SmartHTTP Input <http> SmartHTTPType
AVP Presence, with Definition <avp_def> avpDefinitionPresenceType
AVP Definition <avp> avpDefinitionTransparentType
AVP Presence, with Definition <avp_def> avpDefinitionPresenceType
Diameter Message Definition <message> diameterMessageTransparentType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> SoapDataType
HTTP Field <http_field> SoapDataType
Envelope XML Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Header Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Container Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
SOAP Container <container> SoapContainerType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
XML Body Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
XML Element <element> SoapDataType
HTTP GET Message <get> SoapEnvelopeType
HTTP POST Message <post> SoapEnvelopeType
XML Message Attribute <attribute> SoapDataType
HTTP Result <result> SoapResultType
Create PDP Context Request Message <createPdpContextReq> CreatePdpContextRequestMsgType
Create PDP Context Response Message <createPdpContextRsp> CreatePdpContextResponseMsgType
Update PDP Context Request Message <updatePdpContextReq> UpdatePdpContextRequestMsgType
Update PDP Context Response Message <updatePdpContextRsp> UpdatePdpContextResponseMsgType
Delete PDP Context Request Message <deletePdpContextReq> DeletePdpContextRequestMsgType
Delete PDP Context Response Message <deletePdpContextRsp> DeletePdpContextResponseMsgType
PDU Notification Request Message <pduNotificationReq> PduNotificationRequestMsgType
PDU Notification Response Message <pduNotificationRsp> PduNotificationResponseMsgType
PDU Notification Reject Request Message <pduNotificationRejectReq> PduNotificationRejectRequestMsgType
PDU Notification Reject Response Message <pduNotificationRejectRsp> PduNotificationRejectResponseMsgType
Initiate PDP Context Activation Request Message <initPdpContextActReq> InitPdpContextActRequestMsgType
Initiate PDP Context Activation Response Message <initPdpContextActRsp> InitPdpContextActResponseMsgType
Send Routing Information for GPRS Request Message <sendRoutingReq> SendRoutingInfoRequestMsgType
Send Routing Information for GPRS Response Message <sendRoutingRsp> SendRoutingInfoResponseMsgType
Failure Report Request Message <failureReportReq> FailureReportRequestMsgType
Failure Report Response Message <failureReportRsp> FailureReportResponseMsgType
Note MS GPRS Present Request Message <msGprsPresentReq> MsGprsPresentRequestMsgType
Note MS GPRS Present Response Message <msGprsPresentRsp> MsGprsPresentResponseMsgType
Identification Request Message <idReq> IdentificationRequestMsgType
Identification Response Message <idRsp> IdentificationResponseMsgType
SGSN Context Request Message <sgsnContextReq> SgsnContextRequestMsgType
SGSN Context Response Message <sgsnContextRsp> SgsnContextResponseMsgType
SGSN Context Acknowledge Message <sgsnContextAck> SgsnContextAckMsgType
Forward Relocation Request Message <forwardRelocationReq> ForwardRelocationRequestMsgType
Forward Relocation Response Message <forwardRelocationRsp> ForwardRelocationResponseMsgType
Forward Relocation Complete Message <forwardRelocationComplete> ForwardRelocationCompleteMsgType
Forward Relocation Complete Acknowledge Message <forwardRelocationCompleteAck> ForwardRelocationCompleteAckMsgType
Forward Relocation Request Message <relocationCancelReq> RelocationCancelRequestMsgType
Relocation Cancel Response Message <relocationCancelRsp> RelocationCancelResponseMsgType
Forward SRNS Context Message <forwardSrnsContext> ForwardSrnsContextMsgType
Forward SRNS Context Acknowledge Message <forwardSrnsContextAck> ForwardSrnsContextAckMsgType
GTP Custom Control Message <customControlMsg> GtpCustomCtlMsgType
Error Indication Message <errorIndication> ErrorIndicationType
Create Session Request (32) <createSessionReq> CreateSessionRequestMsgType
Create Session Response (33) <createSessionRsp> CreateSessionResponseMsgType
Modify Bearer Request (34) <modifyBearerReq> ModifyBearerRequestMsgType
Modify Bearer Response (35) <modifyBearerRsp> ModifyBearerResponseMsgType
Delete Session Request (36) <deleteSessionReq> DeleteSessionRequestMsgType
Delete Session Response (37) <deleteSessionRsp> DeleteSessionResponseMsgType
Change Notification Request (38) <changeNotificationReq> ChangeNotificationRequestMsgType
Change Notification Response (39) <changeNotificationRsp> ChangeNotificationResponseMsgType
Modify Bearer Command (64) <modifyBearerCmd> ModifyBearerCommandMsgType
Modify Bearer Failure Indication (65) <modifyBearerFailureInd> ModifyBearerFailureIndicationMsgType
Delete Bearer Command (66) <deleteBearerCmd> DeleteBearerCommandMsgType
Delete Bearer Failure Indication (67) <deleteBearerFailureInd> DeleteBearerFailureIndicationMsgType
Bearer Resource Command (68) <bearerResourceCmd> BearerResourceCommandMsgType
Bearer Resource Failure Indication (69) <bearerResourceFailureInd> BearerResourceFailureIndicationMsgType
Downlink Data Notification Failure Indication (70) <dlDataNotificationFailureInd> DownlinkDataNotificationFailureIndicationMsgType
Trace Session Activation (71) <traceSessionAct> TraceSessionActivationMsgType
Trace Session Deactivation (72) <traceSessionDeact> TraceSessionDeactivationMsgType
Stop Paging Indication (73) <stopPagingInd> StopPagingIndication
Create Bearer Request (95) <createBearerReq> CreateBearerRequest
Create Bearer Response (96) <createBearerRsp> CreateBearerResponseMsgType
Update Bearer Request (97) <updateBearerReq> UpdateBearerRequestMsgType
Update Bearer Response (98) <updateBearerRsp> UpdateBearerResponseMsgType
Delete Bearer Request (99) <deleteBearerReq> DeleteBearerRequestMsgType
Delete Bearer Response (100) <deleteBearerRsp> DeleteBearerResponseMsgType
Delete PDN Connection Set Request (101) <deletePdnConnectionSetReq> DeletePdnCxnSetRequestMsgType
Delete PDN Connection Set Response (102) <deletePdnConnectionSetRsp> DeletePdnCxnSetReponseMsgType
Create Forwarding Tunnel Request (160) <createForwardingTunnelReq> CreateFwdTunnelRequestMsgType
Create Forwarding Tunnel Response (161) <createForwardingTunnelRsp> CreateFwdTunnelResponseMsgType
Suspend Notification (162) <suspendNot> SuspendNotificationMsgType
Suspend Acknowledge (163) <suspendAck> SuspendAcknowledgeMsgType
Resume Notification (164) <resumeNot> ResumeNotificationMsgType
Resume Acknowledge (165) <resumeAck> ResumeAcknowledgeMsgType
Create Indirect Data Forwarding Tunnel Request (166) <createIndirectDataFwdTunnelReq> CreateIndirectDataFwdTunnelRequestMsgType
Create Indirect Data Forwarding Tunnel Response (167) <createIndirectDataFwdTunnelRsp> CreateIndirectDataFwdTunnelResponseMsgType
Delete Indirect Data Forwarding Tunnel Request (168) <deleteIndirectDataFwdTunnelReq> DeleteIndirectDataFwdTunnelRequestMsgType
Delete Indirect Data Forwarding Tunnel Response (169) <deleteIndirectDataFwdTunnelRsp> DeleteIndirectDataFwdTunnelResponseMsgType
Release Access Bearers Request (170) <releaseAccessBearersReq> ReleaseAccessBearersRequestMsgType
Release Access Bearers Response (171) <releaseAccessBearersRsp> ReleaseAccessBearersResponseMsgType
Downlink Data Notification (176) <downlinkDataNot> DownlinkDataNotificationMsgType
Downlink Data Notification Acknowledge (177) <downlinkDataNotAck> DownlinkDataNotificationAcknowledgeMsgType
Update PDN Connection Set Request (200) <updatePdnConnectionSetReq> UpdatePdnConnectionSetRequestMsgType
Update PDN Connection Set Response (201) <updatePdnConnectionSetRsp> UpdatePdnConnectionSetResponseMsgType
SRVCC PS to CS Complete Request (25) <srvccPStoCSReq> SRVCCPStoCSRequest
SRVCC PS to CS Complete Response (26) <srvccPStoCSRsp> SRVCCPStoCSResponse
SRVCC PS to CS Complete Notification (27) <srvccPStoCSCompleteNot> SRVCCPStoCSCompleteNotification
SRVCC PS to CS Complete Acknowledge(28) <srvccPStoCSCompleteAck> SRVCCPStoCSCompleteAcknowledge
SRVCC PS to CS Cancel Notification (29) <srvccPStoCSCancelNot> SRVCCPStoCSCancelNotification
SRVCC PS to CS Cancel Acknowledge (30) <srvccPStoCSCancelAck> SRVCCPStoCSCancelAcknowledge
Direct Transfer Request (4) <directTransReq> DirectTransferReqMsgType
Direct Transfer Response (5) <directTransRsp> DirectTransferResponseMsgType
Notification Request (6) <notificationReq> NotificationReqMsgType
Notification Response (7) <notificationRsp> NotificationResponseType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsStartReq> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsStartRsp> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsUpdateReq> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsUpdateRsp> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsStopReq> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <mbmsStopRsp> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
GTPv2 Custom Control Message <customControlMsg> Gtp2CustomCtlMsgType
Registration Request Message (0x41) <registration_request> RegistrationRequestMsgType
Registration Accept Message (0x42) <registration_accept> RegistrationAcceptMsgType
PDU Session Establishment Request Message (0xC1) <pdu_session_est_request> PduSessionEstablishmentRequestMsgType
PDU Session Establishment Accept Message (0xC2) <pdu_session_est_accept> PduSessionEstablishmentAcceptMsgType
PFCP IE Modification <ie> pfcpIeValidationType
PFCP Session Message <session_establishment_request> PfcpSessionMsgType
PFCP Session Message <session_establishment_response> PfcpSessionMsgType
PFCP Session Message <session_modification_request> PfcpSessionMsgType
PFCP Session Message <session_modification_response> PfcpSessionMsgType
PFCP Session Message <session_deletion_request> PfcpSessionMsgType
PFCP Session Message <session_deletion_response> PfcpSessionMsgType
UE Policy Command Message (0x01) <ue_policy_command> UePolicyCommandMsgType
UE Policy Complete Message (0x01) <ue_policy_complete> UePolicyCompleteMsgType
UE Policy Reject Message (0x01) <ue_policy_reject> UePolicyRejectMsgType
Credit Control Pool Balance <cc_pool_balance> ccPoolBalanceCompareType
UDC Profile Element <udc_element> udcProfileElementCompareType
UDC Profile Element <udc_element> udcProfileElementSetType
Credit Control Pool Balance <cc_pool_balance> ccPoolBalanceType
Diameter AVP Definition <avp> avpType
Nested Radius AVP Definition <avp> radiusAvpType
Radius AVP Definition <radiusAvp> radiusAvpType
Tag <tag> smartTcapTagType
Smart TCAP Element <tag> smartTcapTagType
Tag <tag> smartLdapTagType
Smart LDAP Element <ldapTag> smartLdapTagType
GTPv1 IE Modification <ie> gtpIeModificationType
GTPv2 IE Modification <ie> gtpIev2ModificationType
REST HTTP URL <http_url> RestHttpUrlType
REST HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> RestHttpUrlParameterType
REST HTTP Header Field <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
User Provided Content <user> SmartRestTransparent
File Fill <file> SmartRestFile
REST JSON Array <array> RestJSONArrayType
REST JSON Object Member <member> RestJSONObjectMember
HTTP Header Field <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
HTTP GET <get> RestHttpRequestType
HTTP POST <post> RestHttpRequestType
HTTP PUT <put> RestHttpRequestType
HTTP DELETE <delete> RestHttpRequestType
HTTP Result <http_result> RestHttpResultType1
REST Http Field Type <http_field> RestHttpFieldType
HTTP Result <result> RestHttpResultType
HTTP URL Parameter <http_url_parameter> SmartSoapHttpUrlParameterType
HTTP Field <http_field> SmartSoapHttpFieldType
XML Declaration <xml_declaration> SmartSoapDataType
Envelope XML Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Header Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Container Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Element <element> SmartSoapDataType
SOAP Http Container Type <container> SmartSoapContainerType
Message modification for XML Element. <element> SmartSoapDataType
XML Body Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
XML Element <element> SmartSoapDataType
HTTP GET Message <get> SmartSoapEnvelopeType
HTTP POST Message <post> SmartSoapEnvelopeType
HTTP Field <http_field> SmartSoapDataType
XML Message Attribute <attribute> SmartSoapDataType
HTTP Result <result> SmartSoapResultType
4G NAS EMM IE Modification <ie> fourGEmmModificationType
5G NAS MM IE Modification <ie> fiveGMmModificationType
PFCP IE Modification <ie> pfcpIeModificationType
SmartProfile <SmartProfile> SmartProfileType
Subscriber Group <subscriber_group> SubscriberGroupType
SPR Node Configuration <spr> sprType
NRF Configuration <nrf> nrfType
HLR Node Configuration <hlr> hlrType
AVP Definition <avp> avpDefinitionType
SGSN Node Configuration <sgsn> sgsnType
HSS Node Configuration <hss> hssType
Geographical Coordinates <geographical_coordinates> OtdoaGeographicalCoordinatesType
 <mbms_data> mbmsDataType
MME Node Configuration <mme> mmeType
EIR Node Configuration <eir> eirType
VLR/MSC Node Configuration <vlr> vlrType
BBERF Node Configuration <bberf> bberfType
PCEF Node Configuration <pcef> pcefType
TDF Node Configuration <tdf> tdfType
PCRF Node Configuration <pcrf> pcrfType
OCS Node Configuration <ocs> ocsType
OFCS Node Configuration <ofcs> ofcsType
CDF Node Configuration <cdf> cdfType
CTF Node Configuration <ctf> ctfType
GGSN Node Configuration <ggsn> ggsnType
GMSC Node Configuration <gmsc> gmscType
GMLC Node Configuration <gmlc> gmlcType
Diameter Agent Node Configuration <agent> agentType
gsmSCF Node Configuration <gsmSCF> gsmSCFType
SIP App Configuration <sip> SipAppConfigType
SIP App Configurations <sip_app> sipAppType
CSCF Node Configuration <cscf> cscfType
AAA Node Configuration <aaa> aaaType
AS Node Configuration <as> asType
AGW Node Configuration <agw> agwType
EPDG Node Configuration <epdg> epdgType
Security Gateway Configurations <secGateway> secGatewayType
GTP Node Configuration <gtpNode> gtpNodeType
SMLC Node Configuration <smlc> smlcType
E-NodeB Node Configuration <enb> enbType
Radio Network Controller Node Configuration <rnc> rncType
DHCP Relay Agent Configuration <dhcpRelayAgent> dhcpRelayAgentType
DHCP Server Configuration <dhcpServer> dhcpServerType
SmartWeb Node Configuration <smartWeb> smartWebType
SGW Node Configuration <sgw> sgwType
PGW Node Configuration <pgw> pgwType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Configuration <udcClient> UdcClientType
IP Server/Host Configurations <ipServer> ipServerType
Standalone IP Client <ipClient> ipClientType
HTTP Server/Host Configurations <httpServer> httpServerType
MBMS Gateway Node Configuration <mbmsGw> mbmsGwType
MTC IWF Node Configuration <mtciwf> mtcIwfType
SCS Node Configuration <scs> scsType
SIP Server Configuration <sip> SipServerConfigType
RTP Server Configuration <rtp> RtpServerConfigType
MSRP Server Configuration <msrp> MsrpServerConfigType
SIP-SDP User Plane Data <sdp> SdpServerType
SIP Server/Host Configurations <sipServer> sipServerType
SCEF Node Configuration <scef> scefType
DNS Server/Host Configurations <dnsServer> dnsServerType
PFDF Node Configuration <pfdf> pfdfType
ESME Node Configuration <esme> esmeType
SMF Node Configuration <smf> smfType
UPF Node Configuration <upf> upfType
gNodeB Node Configuration <gnb> gnbType
AMF Node Configuration <amf> amfType
N3IWF Node Configuration <n3iwf> n3iwfType
N3IWF Server Node Configuration <n3iwfServer> n3iwfServerType
AUSF Node Configuration <ausf> ausfType
PCF Node Configuration <pcf> pcfType
CHF Node Configuration <chf> chfType
LMF Node Configuration <lmf> lmfType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Configuration <bmsc> bmscType
SMSF Node Configuration <smsf> smsfType
NSSF Node Configuration <nssf> nssfType
UDR Node Configuration <udr> udrType
CBCF Node Configuration <cbcf> cbcfType
NEF Node Configuration <nef> nefType
NWDAF Node Configuration <nwdaf> nwdafType
AF Node Configuration <af> afType
Binding Support Function Node Configuration <bsf> bsfType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Node Configuration <sepp> seppType
Emulated STP Node Configuration <estp> estpType
EDRA Node Configuration <edra> edraType
Replay Message Flow <replay> ReplayServerSmartFlowType
Replay Server/Host Configurations <replayServer> replayServerType
Access Profile <access_profile> AccessProfileCommandType
Authentication Profile <authentication_profile> AuthenticationProfileCommandType
SGSN-CAMEL Profile <camel_profile> sgsnCamelCommandType
DHCP Profile <dhcp_profile> dhcpProfileCommandType
IMS Profile <ims_profile> imsProfileCommandType
Location Services Profile <lcs_profile> lcsProfileCommandType
Network Access Server Profile <nas_profile> nasProfileCommandType
Service Profile for PCC <service> pccServiceCommandType
Policy and Charging Control Profile <pcc_profile> pccProfileCommandType
SMS Profile <sms_profile> smsProfileCommandType
Subscriber Repository Profile <udc_profile> UDCProfileCommandType
Basic User Plane Data <basic_data> BasicDataCommandType
SIP User Plane Data <sip> SipClientCommandType
HAS Client Command <has> HasClientCommandType
Replay Client Command <replay> ReplayClientCommandType
User Plane Configuration <user_data_profile> UserDataProfileCommandType
 <wifi_profile> wifiProfileCommandType
Access network discovery and selection policy (ANDSP) <andsp_policy> andspPolicyCommandType
URSP Rules <ursp_rule> urspRuleCommandType
UE route selection policy (URSP) <ursp_policy> urspPolicyCommandType
UE Policies Profile for 5GS <ue_policies_profile> uePoliciesCommandType
SmartProfile Commands <SmartProfile> SmartProfileCommandType
Subscriber Group <subscriber_group> SubscriberGroupCommandType
Display Active PCC Rules <pcc_rules> subActivePccRulesType
Charging Rule Definition <flow_description> ipFilterRuleType
S1 UE Information <s1_sub> subS1InfoType
RANAP ME Information <ranap_sub> subS1InfoType
N2 UE Information <n2_sub> subN2InfoType
SIP-SDP User Plane Data <sdp> SdpCommandType
Basic User Plane Data <basic_data> BasicDataResponseType
Replay Client Response <replay> ReplayClientResponseType
User Plane Configuration <user_data_profile> UserDataProfileResponseType
SIP User Plane Data <sip> SipClientResponseType
RTP MSRP Configuration <sdp> SdpResponseType
Replay Server Command <replay> ReplayServerCommandType
Run Stored Command <run> RunCommandType
Run Command <run> TestCommandType
Run Command <run_post> TestCommandType
Replay Message Flow <replay> ReplayServerResponseType
 <column> dbColumnType
Traffic Profile Response Type <traffic_profile> TrafficProfileResponseType
Stored Commands <stored_command> StoredCommandType
Diameter Message Definition <message> diameterMessageType