Operational Measurements  <om> 

Display operational measurements related to the containing element.




  display all counters, with ID and name





Reset All Counters <reset> 0 .. 1 omResetType
Include counter names in response <include_name> 0 .. 1 boolean
Include timestamp in response <include_time> 0 .. 1 boolean
OM Help <help> 0 .. 1 boolean
Last Interval <last> 0 .. 1 boolean
Include Only Non-Zero Error OM Counters <errors> 0 .. 1 boolean
Counter Value <count> 0 .. * omCountType
Minimum Threshold Value <min_threshold> 0 .. * omThresholdType
Maximum Threshold Value <max_threshold> 0 .. * omThresholdType
Include Only Non-Zero OM Counters <non_zero_only> 0 .. 1 boolean



Packet Capture commands <capture> captureCommandType
Charging Data Record Profile <cdr_profile> cdrProfileCommandType
M3UA Command Structure <m3ua> m3uaCommandType
MTP3 Command Structure <mtp3> mtp3CommandType
Gn Application <gn> gnCommandType
 <gs> bssapCommandType
S3 Application <s3> s3CommandType
Sv Application <sv> svCommandType
S4 Application <s4> s4CommandType
Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) Command Structur <ranap> ranapSgsnCommandType
Diameter Interface Command Structure <diameter> diameterCommandType
GTP Protocol Commands <gtp> gtpCommandType
 <gtp_interface> gtpInterfaceCommandType
SGs Application Part Command Structure <sgs> sgsapCommandType
SLs Application Part Command Structure <sls> lcsapCommandType
SCTP Interface <interface> s1apMmeInterfaceCommand
S1 Application Part Command Structure <s1> s1apMmeCommandType
SCTP Interface <interface> m3apMmeInterfaceCommand
M3 Application Part Command Structure <m3> m3apMmeCommandType
Diameter Interface Command Structure <diameter_secondary> diameterCommandType
S11 Application command definition <s11> s11CommandType
S3 Application command/response definition <s3> s3CommandType
N26 Application command/response definition <n26> n26CommandType
Ga command/response definition <ga> gaCommandType
SM Peer to Peer  <smpp> smppCommandType
Diameter Agent Command Structure <diameter_agent> diameterAgentCommandType
S2a Command Definition <s2a> s5SgwCommandType
S2b Command Definition <s2b> s5SgwCommandType
Pass Thru command/response definition <pass_thru> passThruCommandType
GTPcV1 Application command/response definition <gtpcv1> gtpcv1CommandType
GTPcV2 Application command/response definition <gtpcv2> gtpcv2CommandType
SCTP Interface <interface> s1apInterfaceCommand
S1 Application Part Command Structure <s1> s1apCommandType
SCTP Interface <interface> m3apInterfaceCommand
M3 Application Part Command Structure <m3> m3apCommandType
Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) Command Structur <ranap> ranapCommandType
SGW S5 Application command definition <s5> s5SgwCommandType
S5 PGW Application command/response definition <s5> s5PgwCommandType
GTP Gn Application command/response definition <gn> gnPgwCommandType
S2a Command Definition <s2a> s5PgwCommandType
S2b Command Definition <s2b> s5PgwCommandType
GTP Interface <gtp_interface> gtpInterfaceCommandType
SMF N4 Application command definition <n4> n4SmfCommandType
SMF Sxa Application command definition <sxa> sxaSmfCommandType
SMF Sxb Application command definition <sxb> sxbSmfCommandType
SMF Sxc Application command definition <sxc> sxcSmfCommandType
PFCP Protocol Commands <pfcp> pfcpCommandType
NGAP Interface <interface> ngapInterfaceCommand
Socket Interface <interface> SocketInterfaceResponse
Socket Interface <socket> SocketInterfaceResponse
Server side SmartFlow RESTfulApi Response Structure <rest> RestServerAppResponseType
Socket Response <sctp> socketResponseType
Gn Application <gn> gnResponseType
Gs Application <gs> bssapCommandType
S4 Application <s4> s4ResponseType
RANAP Application <ranap> ranapSgsnResponseType
Socket Response <socket> socketResponseType
Diameter Interface Response <diameter> diameterResponseType
Socket Response <control_socket> socketResponseType
Socket Response <user_socket> socketResponseType
GTP Protocol Response <gtp> gtpResponseType
 <gtp_interface> gtpInterfaceResponseType
SGs Application Part Response Structure <sgs> sgsapResponseType
SLs Application Part Response Structure <sls> lcsapResponseType
SCTP Interface <interface> s1apMmeInterfaceResponse
S1 Application Part Response Structure <s1> s1apMmeResponseType
SCTP Interface <interface> m3apMmeInterfaceResponse
M3 Application Part Response Structure <m3> m3apMmeResponseType
Diameter Interface Response <diameter_secondary> diameterResponseType
S11 Application response definition <s11> s11ResponseType
Gn Application response definition <gn> gnResponseType
SM Peer to Peer  <smpp> smppResponseType
SWx Application Response Structure <swx> diameterAppResponseType
Wx Application Response Structure <wx> diameterAppResponseType
S2a Response Definition <s2a> s5SgwResponseType
S2b Response Definition <s2b> s5SgwResponseType
SCTP Interface <interface> s1apInterfaceResponse
User Socket <user_socket> socketResponseType
S1 Application Part Response Structure <s1> s1apResponseType
SCTP Interface <interface> m3apInterfaceResponse
M3 Application Part Response Structure <m3> m3apResponseType
Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) Response Structu <ranap> ranapResponseType
SGW S5 Application command definition <s5> s5SgwResponseType
Gn Response Definition <gn> s5SgwCommandType
S2a Response Definition <s2a> s5SgwCommandType
S2b Response Definition <s2b> s5SgwCommandType
NGAP Interface <interface> ngapInterfaceResponse
PFCP Protocol Response <pfcp> pfcpResponseType
NG Application Part Response Structure <n2> ngapResponseType
 <list> listResponseType
Packet Capture response <capture> captureResponseType