Application  <app> 

The XML tag name of a dsTest interface application
Uniquely identifies, when combined with Event, an application event.


c C Application
cc CC Application
cx Cx Application
d MAP/D Application
dhcp DHCP Application
diameter Diameter Interface
dns DNS Application
e E Application
ga Ga Application
gc Gc Application
gd Gd Application
gdd Gdd Application
ge CAP/Ge Application
gf Gf Application
gn Gn Application
gr MAP/Gr Application
gs Gs Application
gtp GTP SmartFlow Application (v1 or v2)
gtpcv1 GTP V1 SmartFlow Application
gtpcv2 GTP V2 SmartFlow Application
gx Gx Application
gxx Gxx Application
hls HLS Application
has HTTP Adaptive Streaming () Application
http HTTP Application
j J Application
ldap LDAP Interface
lg Lg Application
lh Lh Application
mb2c Mb2c Application
zh Zh Application
m3 M3 Application
nsmf_pdu_session Nsmf PDU Session Management Service
namf_comm Namf Communication Service
namf_mt Namf MT Service
n5g_eir N5g EIR Service
nausf_auth Nausf Authentication Service
nlmf_location Nlmf Location Service
nlmf_broadcast Nlmf Broadcast Service
nnrf_nfm Nnrf NF Management Service
nnrf_disc Nnrf NF Discovery Service
nnrf_oauth2 Nnrf Oauth2 Service
npcf_sm_policy_control Npcf SM Policy Service
npcf_am_policy_control Npcf AM Policy Service
npcf_bdt_policy_control Npcf BDT Policy Service
npcf_ue_policy_control Npcf UE Policy Service
npcf_event_exposure Npcf Event Exposure Service
nt Nt Application
nudm_sdm Nudm Subscriber Data Management Service
nudm_uecm Nudm UE Context Management Service
nudm_ueau Nudm UE Authentication Service
nudm_pp Nudm Parameter Processing Service
nudm_niddau Nudm NIDD Authorization Service
nchf_convergedcharging Nchf Converged Charging Service
nchf_spendinglimitcontrol Nchf Spending Limit Control Service
nsmsf_sm_service Implements Nsmsf SM Service
namf_mt Implements Namf MT Service
nnssf_ns_selection Implements Nssf NS Selection Service
nnssf_nssai_availability Implements Nssf NSSAI Availability Service
nudr_dr Implements Nudr Data Repository Service
namf_location Namf Location Service
ngmlc_location Ngmlc Location Service
apigw_location API Gateway Location Service
namf_event_exposure Namf Event Exposure Service
nsmf_event_exposure Nsmf Event Exposure Service
nnef_sm_context Nnef Sm Context Service
nsmf_nidd Nsmf nidd Service
nnef_event_exposure Nnef Event Exposure Service
nnef_analytics_exposure Nnef Analytics Exposure Service
nnef_traffic_influence Nnef Traffic Influence Service
nnef_as_session_with_qos Nnef AS Session with QOS Service
nnef_3gpp_chargeable_party Nnef 3gpp Chargeable Party Service
nnef_3gpp_monitoring_event Nnef 3gpp Monitoring Event Service
nnef_pfd_mgmt Nnef Pfd Mgmt Service
nnef_3gpp_pfd_mgmt Nnef 3gpp Pfd Mgmt Service
nudm_event_exposure Nudm Event Exposure Service
npcf_policyauthorization Npcf Policy Authorization Service
nbsf_management Nbsf Management Service
nnwdaf_analytics_info Nnwdaf Analytics Info Service
nnwdaf_events_sub Nnwdaf Events Sub Service
rad_aaa Radius Test Application
rad_3gpp 3GPP Radius Application
ranap RANAP Application
replay Replay Application
rest_terminalStatus Terminal Status RESTfulApi Application
rest_messaging Messaging RESTfulApi Application
rest_presence Presence RESTfulApi Application
nu Nu REST Application
rest REST SmartFlow Application
rf Rf Application
ro Ro Application
rx Rx Application
s1 S1 Application
s2a S2a Application
s2b S2b Application
s3 S3 Application
n26 N26 Application
sv Sv Application
s4 S4 Application
s5 S5 Application
s6 S6 Application
s6b S6b Application
s6c S6c Application
s6m S6m Application
s6n S6n Application
s6t S6t Application
s9 S9 Application
s11 S11 Application
s13 S13 Application
sd Sd Application
sgs SGs Application
sh Sh Application
slg SLg Application
sgd SGd Application
sip SIP User Plane Data
sip_app SIP User Plane Data For Sip Application
slh SLh Application
sls SLs Application
sm Sm Application
SmartEvents SmartEvents Application
SmartWeb SmartWeb Application
soap SOAP Application
sp Sp (LDAP) Application
sta STa Application
swa SWa Application
swm SWm Application
swx SWx Application
n2 N2 Application
5g_mm N2 Application, (use n2 for SmartEvents actions)
lcs LCS Application
n4 N4 Application
sxa Sxa Application
sxb Sxb Application
sxc Sxc Application
sy Sy Application
t4 T4 Application
t6 T6 Application
tsp Tsp Application
UserData User Plane Data
wa Wa Application
wg Wg Application
wx Wx Application
nwu NWU Application
sip_app SIP Application




Delayed Response Type <delayed_response> delayedResponseType
Event Received <event_received> SmartEventType