Mobile Country Code  <mcc> 

Specifies the country in which a node operates
Reference: 3GPP TS 23.003
An MCC used in combination with a Mobile Network Code (MNC) can uniquely identify a network operator.


  Affects value of Visited-PLMN-Id in: Connection-Management-Request


  Affects value of Visited-Network-Identifier in: User-Authorization-Request


  Affects value of Visited-PLMN-Id in: Update-Location-Request_S6, Authentication-Information-Request_S6


  Affects value of Visited-Network-Identifier_S6 in: Notify-Request_S6


  Affects value of Visited-PLMN-Id in: Monitoring-Event-Report


  Affects value of PLMN-Identity in: TAI




  No default, only sent if set




GUAMI <guami> guamiType
SGSN Node Configuration <sgsn> sgsnType
HSS Node Configuration <hss> hssType
MME Node Configuration <mme> mmeType
Broadcast PLMN <bplmn> BroadcastPlmnType
VLR/MSC Node Configuration <vlr> vlrType
GGSN Node Configuration <ggsn> ggsnType
CSCF Node Configuration <cscf> cscfType
AAA Node Configuration <aaa> aaaType
AGW Node Configuration <agw> agwType
EPDG Node Configuration <epdg> epdgType
GTP Node Configuration <gtpNode> gtpNodeType
E-NodeB Node Configuration <enb> enbType
Radio Network Controller Node Configuration <rnc> rncType
SGW Node Configuration <sgw> sgwType
MBMS Gateway Node Configuration <mbmsGw> mbmsGwType
SCEF Node Configuration <scef> scefType
GlobalRanNodeId List <global_ran_node_id> GlobalRanNodeIdType
Broadcast PLMN <plmn> BroadcastPlmnType
gNodeB Node Configuration <gnb> gnbType
Broadcast PLMN Item <bplmn> BroadcastPlmnItemType
PLMN Support Item <plmn_support_item> PlmnSupportItem
AMF Node Configuration <amf> amfType
N3IWF Node Configuration <n3iwf> n3iwfType
N3IWF Server Node Configuration <n3iwfServer> n3iwfServerType
AUSF Node Configuration <ausf> ausfType
PCF Node Configuration <pcf> pcfType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Configuration <bmsc> bmscType
Allowed NSSAI Info <allowed_nssai_information> AllowedNssaiInfoType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Node Configuration <sepp> seppType
Emulated STP Node Configuration <estp> estpType
EDRA Node Configuration <edra> edraType
CSCF Node Command <cscf> cscfCommandType
AGW Node Command <agw> agwCommandType
EPDG Node Command <epdg> epdgCommandType
PCF Node Command <pcf> pcfCommandType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Command <bmsc> bmscCommandType
SGSN Node Response <sgsn> sgsnResponseType
HSS Node Response <hss> hssResponseType
MME Node Response <mme> mmeResponseType
VLR/MSC Node Response <vlr> vlrResponseType
GGSN Node Response <ggsn> ggsnResponseType
CSCF Node Response <cscf> cscfResponseType
AGW Node Response <agw> agwResponseType
EPDG Node Response <epdg> epdgResponseType
GTP Node Response <gtpNode> gtpNodeResponseType
E-NodeB Node Response <enb> enbResponseType
Radio Network Controller Node Response <rnc> rncResponseType
SGW Node Response <sgw> sgwResponseType
PGW Node Response <pgw> pgwResponseType
MBMS GW Node Response <mbmsGw> mbmsGwResponseType
SCEF Node Response <scef> scefResponseType
AMF Node Response <amf> amfResponseType
AUSF Node Response <ausf> ausfResponseType
PCF Node Response <pcf> pcfResponseType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Response <bmsc> bmscResponseType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Response <sepp> seppResponseType
ESTP Node Response <estp> estpResponseType
EDRA Node Response <edra> edraResponseType
RAN Identifier <ran_id> RanIdType