Transaction Count  <count> 

Defines the maximum number of simultaneously active transactions for this application
Allows a simple formula, which a token, with an optional operation AND another token. A token is a uint32Type OR a @variableName. Supports operations are +(add), -(substract), *(multiply), and /(divide). Expressions involving a variable must contain a space between the operands and operator. For example: @subCount + 10




((@[a-zA-Z]{1}[a-zA-Z0-9_]{0,23})|0x[0-9a-fA-F]{1,8}|([0-9]{1,9}|[0-3][0-9]{9}|4[0-1][0-9]{8}|42[0-8][0-9]{7}|429[0-3][0-9]{6}|4294[0-8][0-9]{5}|42949[0-5][0-9]{4}|429496[0-6][0-9]{3}|4294967[0-1][0-9]{2}|42949672[0-8][0-9]|429496729[0-5]))([ ]+[+\-*/]{1}[




Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) <sp> ldapType
C Application <c> mapCVType
D Application <d> mapCVType
Gc Application <gc> mapType
Gd Application <gd> mapType
Gf Application <gf> mapType
Gr Application <gr> mapCVType
Lh Application <lh> mapType
J Application <j> mapType
Ge Application <ge> capType
Gs Application <gs> bssapType
Lg Application <lg> mapType
S6 Application <s6> s6Type
S13 Application <s13> s13Type
Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) Server <ranap> ranapSgsnType
Gdd Application <gdd> diameterAppType
Cx Application <cx> cxType
Zh Application <zh> zhType
SLh Application <slh> diameterAppType
Sh Application <sh> shType
S6m Application <s6m> diameterAppType
S6n Application <s6n> diameterAppType
S6t Application <s6t> s6tType
S6c Application <s6c> diameterAppType
SWx Application <swx> diameterAppType
Wx Application <wx> diameterAppType
SGs Application Part Client <sgs> sgsapType
SLg Application <slg> diameterAppType
SGd Application <sgd> diameterAppType
T6 Application <t6> t6Type
SLs Application Part Client <sls> lcsapType
S1 Application Part Server <s1> s1apMmeType
M3 Application Part Server <m3> m3apMmeType
SGs Application Part Server <sgs> sgsapServerType
E Application <e> mapCVType
Gxx Application <gxx> gxxType
Diameter Credit Control Application <cc> ccType
3GPP Credit Control Application <ro> roType
Gx Application <gx> gxType
Wg/Diameter NASREQ Application <wg> wgType
Rxb Application <rxb> rxbType
Sd Application <sd> sdType
S9 Application <s9> s9Type
Rx Application <rx> rxType
Sy Application <sy> syType
Nt Diameter Application <nt> ntType
Diameter Credit Control Application (CC) <cc> ccType
3GPP Credit Control Application (Ro) <ro> roType
3GPP Sy Application <sy> syType
Ga Application <ga> gaType
Rf Application <rf> rfType
T4 Application <t4> diameterAppType
SGd Application <sgd> diameterAppType
Gdd Application <gdd> diameterAppType
SM Peer to Peer  <smpp> smppType
Diameter Agent Application <diameter_agent> diameterAgentType
STa Application <sta> staType
SWa Application <swa> swaType
SWm Application <swm> swmType
S6b Application <s6b> s6bType
Radius Application <rad_aaa> radiusAppType
3GPP Radius Application <rad_3gpp> radius3gppAppType
Wa Application <wa> waAppType
Mb2c Application <mb2c> mb2cType
SLs Application Part Server <sls> lcsapServerType
S1 Application Part Client <s1> s1apType
M3 Application Part Client <m3> m3apType
Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) Client <ranap> ranapType
DHCP Application <dhcp> DhcpAppType
NWU Client <nwu> nwuType
Tsp Application <tsp> tspType
NG Application Part Client <n2> ngapGnbType
NG Application Part Client <n2> ngapAmfType
NWU Server <nwu> nwuServerType
C Client Application <c_client> mapCVType
D Client Application <d_client> mapCVType
Gd Client Application <gd_client> mapType
Gr Client Application <gr_client> mapCVType
J Client Application <j_client> mapType
Lg Client Application <lg_client> mapType
S6 Application <s6_client> s6Type