Map Segmentation  <segmentation> 

Controls segmentation at the MAP layer
Reference: 3GPP TS29.002
MAP segmentation applies to authentication only. This element must be set to 'required', and the generation of more than one vector must be configured in the server for MAP segmentation to occur.




prohibited Causes the client to include indications where allowed prohibiting segmentation, and prevents the server from using segmentation.
allowed Causes the client and server allow segmentation when received.
required Causes the server to use segmentation when messages would otherwise not fit in a worst case SCCP UDT (256 bytes of payload).




C Application <c> mapCVType
D Application <d> mapCVType
Gc Application <gc> mapType
Gd Application <gd> mapType
Gf Application <gf> mapType
Gr Application <gr> mapCVType
Lh Application <lh> mapType
J Application <j> mapType
Lg Application <lg> mapType
E Application <e> mapCVType
C Client Application <c_client> mapCVType
D Client Application <d_client> mapCVType
Gd Client Application <gd_client> mapType
Gr Client Application <gr_client> mapCVType
J Client Application <j_client> mapType
Lg Client Application <lg_client> mapType
C Application <c> mapCVCommandType
D Application <d> mapCVCommandType
Gc Application <gc> mapCommandType
Gd Application <gd> mapSMSCommandType
Gf Application <gf> mapCommandType
Gr Application <gr> mapCVCommandType
Lh Application <lh> mapCommandType
J Application <j> mapCommandType
Lg Application <lg> mapCommandType
 <e> mapSMSCommandType
E Application <e> mapSMSCommandType
C Application <c_client> mapCVCommandType
D Client Application <d_client> mapCVCommandType
Gd Application <gd_client> mapSMSCommandType
Gr Client Application <gr_client> mapCVCommandType
J Application <j_client> mapCVCommandType
J Application <j> mapCVCommandType
Lg CLient Application <lg_client> mapCVCommandType
Lg Application <lg> mapCVCommandType
C Application <c> mapResponseType
D Application <d> mapResponseType
Gc Application <gc> mapResponseType
Gd Application <gd> mapSMSResponseType
Gf Application <gf> mapResponseType
Gr Application <gr> mapResponseType
Lh Application <lh> mapResponseType
J Application <j> mapResponseType
Lg Application <lg> mapResponseType
 <e> mapSMSResponseType
E Application <e> mapSMSResponseType
C Client Application <c_client> mapResponseType
D Client Application <d_client> mapResponseType
Gd Client Application <gd_client> mapResponseType
Gd Application <gd> mapResponseType
Gr Client Application <gr_client> mapResponseType
J Client Application <j_client> mapResponseType
Lg Client Application <lg_client> mapResponseType