dsTest Schema  <message> 

Definition of the XML structure used to configure and operate dsTest

This section contains the dsTest schema structure and documentation beginning with this top-most element, message. The entire schema hierarchy is shown in the Contents pane to facilitate hierarchical browsing. Parent elements are displayed with book icons.

Successful configuration of dsTest MUST follow the order of the schema hierarchy.

All of the schema topics follow the same layout, although topics only display the information that is applicable to the subject element:

NOTE: Occurrences refers to the requirements of dsTest, not to the requirements defined in a specification. In order to enable negative testing, information required by a protocol or application may be omitted. If a default is not defined, a value is typically only included when it is specified.


sequence integer
resources flagType
test_name string256





Test Notes <notes> 0 .. 1 testNotes
Configuration <config> 0 .. * ConfigType
Command <command> 0 .. * CommandType
Response <response> 0 .. * ResponseType
Stored Commands <stored_command> 0 .. * StoredCommandType
Base Diameter Dictionary <diameter_dictionary> 0 .. * DictionaryType
Base S1 Dictionary <s1_dictionary> 0 .. * S1DictionaryType
Base MAP Dictionary <map_dictionary> 0 .. * MapDictionaryType
Base M3 Dictionary <m3_dictionary> 0 .. * M3DictionaryType
Base NGAP Dictionary <ngap_dictionary> 0 .. * NgapDictionaryType
Server Notification <notification> 0 .. 1 notificationType