Diameter Interface  <diameter> 

Defines a Diameter network interface
Reference: RFC 6733
For redundant connections, client nodes use the Diameter and Diameter_Secondary configurations. Server nodes use multiple diameter interfaces (diameter_secondary is not supported on server nodes), and the server node will respond on the interface on which it receives a request. For nodes that can be both client and server (e.g PCRF Sd/Gx/Rx), the interfaces for the client applications must be listed/configured first.


name string
count variableU32
native flagType






TLS Config/Enable <tls> 0 .. 1 DiameterTlsConfigType
Socket <socket> 0 .. 1 socketType
Host <host> 1 .. 1 FQDN CC, Ro, Zh, T6, SLg, SLh, Gx, Gxx, Sd, Rx, S9, Sy, Cx, S6, S13, S7, SWa, STa, SWm, SWx, S6b, Sh, S6m, S6t, T4, S6c, SGd, Gdd, Gdd, Gdd, Gdd, SGd, Tsp, GENERATED|Rf, Rf
Realm <realm> 1 .. 1 FQDN Gx, Ro, Zh, T6, SLg, SLg, SLh, SLh, Gxx, Sd, Rx, Rx, S9, Sy, Cx, S6, S13, S7, SWa, SWa, STa, STa, SWm, SWm, SWx, S6b, S6b, Sh, S6m, S6t, T4, S6c, SGd, Tsp, Rf
Server Name <server_name> 0 .. 1 string128 Cx
Vendor ID <vendor_id> 0 .. 1 int
Supported Vendor ID <supported_vendor_id> 0 .. 20 int
Product Name <product_name> 1 .. 1 string
Destination Host <dest_host> 0 .. 1 FQDN T6, Gx, Gxx, Sd, SWx, S6m, S6t, T4, S6c, SGd, Gdd, Tsp, Rf
Destination Realm <dest_realm> 0 .. 1 FQDN Gx, Zh, T6, Gxx, Sd, S9, Cx, Cx, S6, S13, S7, Sh, S6m, S6t, T4, S6c, SGd, Gdd, Tsp, Rf
Mode <mode> 0 .. 1 diameterInterfaceMode
Gateway/Next Hop Address <default_gateway> 0 .. 1 gatewayType
Request Rate Limit <limit_request_rate> 0 .. 1 int
Pending Requests Limit <limit_pending_requests> 0 .. 1 int32Type
Force Inband Security Inclusion <force_inband_sec> 0 .. 1 flagType
Use SCTP Streams <use_streams> 0 .. 1 flagType
Firmware Revision <firmware_revision> 0 .. 1 uint32Type
CER Wait Time <cer_wait> 0 .. 1 int
Device Watchdog Interval <dw_interval> 0 .. 1 int
Maximum Idle Time <max_idle> 0 .. 1 int
Timeout <timeout> 0 .. 1 uint32Type
Allow Duplicate Peers <allow_duplicate_peers> 0 .. 1 flagType
Check Destination Host <check_host> 0 .. 1 flagType
Check Destination Realm <check_realm> 0 .. 1 flagType
Advertise As Relay <advertise_as_relay> 0 .. 1 flagType
Supported Application <supported_app> 0 .. 32 diameterSupportedApps
Discard Ingress Messages <discard_ingress> 0 .. 1 DiscardType
Discard Egress Messages <discard_egress> 0 .. 1 DiscardType
Ingress Transport Delay <ingress_delay> 0 .. 1 uint16Type
Egress Transport Delay <egress_delay> 0 .. 1 uint16Type



SGSN Node Configuration <sgsn> sgsnType
HSS Node Configuration <hss> hssType
MME Node Configuration <mme> mmeType
EIR Node Configuration <eir> eirType
BBERF Node Configuration <bberf> bberfType
PCEF Node Configuration <pcef> pcefType
TDF Node Configuration <tdf> tdfType
PCRF Node Configuration <pcrf> pcrfType
OCS Node Configuration <ocs> ocsType
OFCS Node Configuration <ofcs> ofcsType
CTF Node Configuration <ctf> ctfType
GMSC Node Configuration <gmsc> gmscType
GMLC Node Configuration <gmlc> gmlcType
Diameter Agent Node Configuration <agent> agentType
CSCF Node Configuration <cscf> cscfType
AAA Node Configuration <aaa> aaaType
AS Node Configuration <as> asType
AGW Node Configuration <agw> agwType
EPDG Node Configuration <epdg> epdgType
MTC IWF Node Configuration <mtciwf> mtcIwfType
SCS Node Configuration <scs> scsType
SCEF Node Configuration <scef> scefType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Configuration <bmsc> bmscType
Binding Support Function Node Configuration <bsf> bsfType
EDRA Node Configuration <edra> edraType