Pause Node  <pause> 

Pauses all event generation for targeted nodes.
This command will pause the generate of events from configured actions. This will cause them to stop generating events and maintain the current state of the action to allow the resume command to be used. This command does not prevent reaction to external events or pause connection layer activity (e.g. watchdog).


rate float




SPR Node Command <spr> sprCommandType
NRF Node Command <nrf> nrfCommandType
HLR Node Command <hlr> hlrCommandType
SGSN Node Command <sgsn> sgsnCommandType
HSS Node Command <hss> hssCommandType
MME Node Command <mme> mmeCommandType
EIR Node Command <eir> eirCommandType
VLR/MSC Node Command <vlr> vlrCommandType
BBERF Node Command <bberf> bberfCommandType
PCEF Node Command <pcef> pcefCommandType
TDF Node Command <tdf> tdfCommandType
PCRF Node Command <pcrf> pcrfCommandType
OCS Node Command <ocs> ocsCommandType
OFCS Node Command <ofcs> ofcsCommandType
CDF Node Command <cdf> cdfCommandType
CTF Node Command <ctf> ctfCommandType
GGSN Node Command <ggsn> ggsnCommandType
GMSC Node Command <gmsc> gmscCommandType
GMLC Node Command <gmlc> gmlcCommandType
Diameter Agent Node Command <agent> agentCommandType
gsmSCF Node Command <gsmSCF> gsmSCFCommandType
CSCF Node Command <cscf> cscfCommandType
AAA Node Command <aaa> aaaCommandType
AGW Node Command <agw> agwCommandType
EPDG Node Command <epdg> epdgCommandType
Security Gateway Command <secGateway> secGatewayCommandType
AS Node Command <as> asCommandType
GTP Node Command <gtpNode> gtpNodeCommandType
SMLC Node Command <smlc> smlcCommandType
E-NodeB Node Command <enb> enbCommandType
Radio Network Controller Node Command <rnc> rncCommandType
DHCP Relay Agent Command <dhcpRelayAgent> dhcpRelayAgentCommandType
DHCP Server Command <dhcpServer> dhcpServerCommandType
SmartWeb Node Command <smartWeb> smartWebCommandType
SGW Node Command <sgw> sgwCommandType
PGW Node Command <pgw> pgwCommandType
Ud/Sp/Next Generation Client Node Command <udcClient> UdcClientCommandType
IP Server/Host Command <ipServer> ipServerCommandType
Standalone IP Client Command <ipClient> ipClientCommandType
HTTP Server/Host Command <httpServer> httpServerCommandType
MBMS GW Node Command <mbmsGw> mbmsGwCommandType
MTC IWF Node Command <mtciwf> mtcIwfCommandType
SCS Node Command <scs> scsCommandType
SIP Server/Host Command <sipServer> sipServerCommandType
SCEF Node Command <scef> scefCommandType
DNS Server/Host Command <dnsServer> dnsServerCommandType
PFDF Node Command <pfdf> pfdfCommandType
ESME Node Command <esme> esmeCommandType
SMF Command <smf> smfCommandType
UPF Command <upf> upfCommandType
gNodeB Node Command <gnb> gnbCommandType
AMF Node Command <amf> amfCommandType
N3IWF Node Command <n3iwf> n3iwfCommandType
N3IWF Server Node Command <n3iwfServer> n3iwfServerCommandType
AUSF Node Command <ausf> ausfCommandType
PCF Node Command <pcf> pcfCommandType
CHF Node Command <chf> chfCommandType
LMF Node Command <lmf> lmfCommandType
Broadcast-Multicast Service Centre (BM-SC) Node Command <bmsc> bmscCommandType
SMSF Node Command <smsf> smsfCommandType
NSSF Node Command <nssf> nssfCommandType
UDR Node Command <udr> udrCommandType
CBCF Node Command <cbcf> cbcfCommandType
NEF Node Command <nef> nefCommandType
NWDAF Node Command <nwdaf> nwdafCommandType
AF Node Command <af> afCommandType
Binding Support Function Node Command <bsf> bsfCommandType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Command <sepp> seppCommandType
ESTP Node Command <estp> estpCommandType
EDRA Node Command <edra> edraCommandType
Replay Server/Host Command <replayServer> replayServerCommandType
Nodes Command <nodes> nodeCommandType