Network Function Instance Id  <nfInstanceId> 

The UUID for the containing/referenced network function.
Reference: RFC 4122




  Randomly generated if not provided
[0-9a-fA-F ]{8}-[0-9a-fA-F ]{4}-[0-9a-fA-F ]{4}-[0-9a-fA-F ]{4}-[0-9a-fA-F ]{12}




SPR Node Configuration <spr> sprType
GMLC Node Configuration <gmlc> gmlcType
SMF Node Configuration <smf> smfType
AMF Node Configuration <amf> amfType
AUSF Node Configuration <ausf> ausfType
PCF Node Configuration <pcf> pcfType
CHF Node Configuration <chf> chfType
LMF Node Configuration <lmf> lmfType
SMSF Node Configuration <smsf> smsfType
UDR Node Configuration <udr> udrType
NEF Node Configuration <nef> nefType
NWDAF Node Configuration <nwdaf> nwdafType
Binding Support Function Node Configuration <bsf> bsfType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Node Configuration <sepp> seppType
GMLC Node Command <gmlc> gmlcCommandType
SMF Command <smf> smfCommandType
AUSF Node Command <ausf> ausfCommandType
PCF Node Command <pcf> pcfCommandType
CHF Node Command <chf> chfCommandType
LMF Node Command <lmf> lmfCommandType
UDR Node Command <udr> udrCommandType
NEF Node Command <nef> nefCommandType
NWDAF Node Command <nwdaf> nwdafCommandType
Binding Support Function Node Command <bsf> bsfCommandType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Command <sepp> seppCommandType
SPR Node Response <spr> sprResponseType
NRF Node Response <nrf> nrfResponseType
GMLC Node Response <gmlc> gmlcResponseType
SMF Response <smf> smfResponseType
AMF Node Response <amf> amfResponseType
AUSF Node Response <ausf> ausfResponseType
PCF Node Response <pcf> pcfResponseType
CHF Node Response <chf> chfResponseType
LMF Node Response <lmf> lmfResponseType
UDR Node Response <udr> udrResponseType
NEF Node Response <nef> nefResponseType
NWDAF Node Response <nwdaf> nwdafResponseType
AF Node Response <af> afResponseType
Binding Support Function Node Response <bsf> bsfResponseType
Security Edge Protection Proxy Function Node Response <sepp> seppResponseType