Adding User Accounts

If your server will be shared among multiple users, you may find that it is more efficient to create separate user accounts rather than sharing the devsol account in order to more easily organize log and results files. dsTest writes those files to the directory from which the application is launched. If users only launch dsTest from their home directory they can ensure that their results are not overwritten the next time dsTest is launched.

We have provided a utility to assist you in creating user accounts with the proper group association and profile: add_devsol_user.

No more than 40 dsClient sessions can be active on a single instance of dsTest at any one time. More than 20 clients attached may impact performance.

1. Log in as user 'devsol'

login as: devsol

devsol@devsoltest's password:

Last login: Thu Apr 26 09:43:58 2012 from

2. Execute the remaining commands as root

~> su


3. Run add_devsol_user

The only parameter required is the user name for the account.

[root@devsoltest devsol]# /usr/local/devsol/bin/add_devsol_user <user name>

Created User: <user name>

4. Set the password

Finally, set a password for the new account.

root@devsoltest devsol]# passwd <user name>

Enter new UNIX password:

Retype new UNIX password:

passwd: password updated successfully

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

[root@devsoltest devsol]#