Configuring dsTest...

dsTest Management Ports - ports used by dsTest and the requirements for your network

Working with XML Documents - general information on the dsTest XML schema and validating XML documents

Working with JSON Configurations - how to convert dsTest XML to JSON

Defining Subscribers - an overview of the Subscriber Database and its major components

Importing Subscriber Data - how to provision subscriber data using a CSV file

Replacing Subscribers - how to replace a subscriber group during a test

Working with MCCs and MNCs - how dsTest determines MNC length and how to modify that behavior

Conformance Testing - how to use protocol dictionaries and message templates to validate incoming messages

Configuring VLANs - how to configure and use a VLAN interface

Optimizing Memory Utilization - how dsTest uses memory and how to optimize your test configuration's memory footprint

Estimating TPS - an explanation of TPS licensing and how to estimate the TPS required for your test

Making Your Tests Portable - how to use aliases instead of hard-coding IP addresses

Making Your Tests Scalable - how to use variables and dynamic timing