Protocol Dictionaries

 dsTest supports the definition of user-level Diameter Application Dictionaries that can be can be created, modified, and saved in the XML library to aid functional Diameter testing. For more information on the dsTest base Diameter Dictionary, see Diameter Dictionary.  For information on how to deploy newly created user-level protocol dictionary files, see Deploy Protocol Dictionaries.


Create a new user-level Diameter Protocol Application Dictionary from the main Application Window using the File>New>Diameter Application Dictionary menu selection.


From the window provided, a user-level protocol dictionary can be defined. The dictionary can contain user-defined AVPs, messages, or both.


If the dictionary is to contain all AVPs and messages referenced internal to the dictionary, the 'Self Contained' box can be checked, and the dictionary will be validated as complete.


AVP Definition


Each AVP can be defined using the various selection checkboxes:



Both Grouped and Data AVPs can be defined. Grouped AVPs that are contained in other Grouped AVPs must be defined before they can be specified in their containing Grouped AVP.


When the dictionary is deployed, dsTest will verify message content and AVPs against these definitions.


The 'Any AVP' box should be checked if AVPs can contain other AVPs besides those that are defined in this dictionary. dsTest will ignore these other AVPs and only validate the AVPs defined in the dictionary.



Message Definitions


Similar to AVP definitions, messages can be defined as shown below with appropriate header bits and one or more AVPs that have been defined in the dictionary.





Importing Message Definitions from Dictionary Files


Message template content can be imported from dictionary files. By clicking on the Import Icon , a pop-up screen will allow browsing through the base or a local dictionary so that specific content can be selected for import into the message or AVP template.