Searching Charging Data Records

dsClient Desktop allows you to search the CDR records that have been collected as part of your test.


Using the File>Search>Charging Data Records selection opens the database selection dialog with an additional option to only show files that contain "CDR" or "cdr" in the file name. The default database file name is cdr_<OFCS node name>_<application>.  The file name can be configured in the OFCS node configuration under the application (Ga or Rf) settings.


Filter criteria will appear in the search screen after dsClient Desktop has successfully received and parsed the database structure.


Filter options include:

stream all records

stream all records of the specified type

filter the stream based on the presence, absence, or value of a record field.


When the CDR stream is started, header information is displayed in a table as records are received. The stream will be automatically stopped if the table reaches 5000 rows. The header information includes:


IP address of the node that generated the record

charging ID

time stamp

record type


Clicking on a header row displays the complete record. The same header information displayed in the tree is displayed in the record's root tree node (displayed with a document icon). Values and containers are displayed as child nodes in the order received. Value nodes are displayed with a simple content icon and <field name>: <value>. Containers are displayed with a complex content icon and the container name.


If the filter criteria does not appear and a progress bar is still visible, dsClient Desktop did not successfully receive the necessary information from dsTest. If this occurs, contact Mobileum dsTest Support for assistance.