dsTest and dsClient Desktop provides a feature that allows you to monitor the progress of a subscriber through your SmartEvents state machine, called SmartMonitor.



Once you have built your test configuration, including the SmartEvents, SmartMonitor allows you to verify the validity of your configuration by providing a visual verification of the progress of a specific subscriber through the state machine.


To use SmartMonitor:

Prepare your dsTest configuration with dsClient Desktop;

Open your configuration file that contains the SmartEvents that you want to monitor;

Transmit the configuration to your dsTest server. Insure that the device under test is configured and ready to receive messages from dsTest;

Start your test;

Open the SmartEvents wizard.


To start SmartMonitor, click on the monitor icon in the menu banner. Specify the subscriber to be monitored (only one can be monitored at a time). You can specify either the IMSI or the index of the subscriber. Chose the options desired for the display:

Operational Measurements that be displayed in the left panel

For large state machines, scaling of the display to include the entire state machine


The subscriber being monitored is noted in the menu banner. When the specified subscriber is used in an SmartEvents action, the event handlers and state that the subscriber transverses changes color so that progress can verified visually through the state machine.


In addition to the state and handler color change, the number of subscribers in each state is shown and the number of subscribers that have been processed by each hander is shown. When an action on a subscriber is started, it moves from the idle state to the next state in the state machine. The number of subscribers in any particular state depends upon the rate at which actions are initiated, the timers between states, and on message response time.


A text display of the SmartMonitor events can be shown by clicking on the Server Notification icon in the lower right. SmartMonitor events are automatically turned on for the specified subscriber. More information on server notifications can be found here.


SmartMonitor is very useful for debugging your configuration and SmartEvents state machine, and for determining potential issues with the network or device under test. If the subscriber does not progress from a certain state, the event that would cause the subscriber to advance is not happening or not configured correctly, causing the subscriber to stall in that state.


Watch this video for a short demonstration on how to use SmartMonitor.