Sorting/Filtering Support Requests


Using Lists and Filters

When you log in to the site you will land on the Requests Page, which displays a list of Support Requests (SR) in the system. Lists can be screened by filters – only the SRs that are able to meet the criteria defined in a filter are shown in the list – and can be sorted by any column (click once for ascending order, again for descending order). The initial list displayed on login and any filter applied to it is determined by the user’s preferences. You may modify your preferences at any time (Admin > My Preferences) and the new preferences will take effect on your next login.

Selecting a List

The selection list in the bar under the page title contains a list of the list forms available to you. The second bar displays the name of the list that is currently displayed. To switch to a different list, simply select one from the list of lists.

Screening a List

You can apply a filter to any list by selecting it from the filter list on the Requests Page.


Standard Lists

A number of list forms have been defined which are geared towards a specific usage.


Default List – displays the name of the request initiator, the name of the document form, the request’s state, and the timestamp of the last modification. All documents in the database are displayed. This list cannot be modified.

Support Request Status List – displays the SR number, subject, components, status, and creation timestamp. The customer’s default filter limits the SRs shown in the list to only the requests created by that user account.