Submitting a Support Request


Log into the secure Support Request website.


Go to the Requests page, clear any screens that have been applied, and then click the  icon to create a new request.


The following information on the Request Description form must be completed:


Select the Software Package, dsTest or dsClient Desktop. Different version and component lists are displayed depending on this selection;

Select the Application related to the request (dsTest only);

Select the version that you are using;

Select all of the components related to this request;

Enter a short subject for the request;

Enter a detailed description of the feature request or of the problem encountered;

Attach any information that may be useful, including the information specified in 'Getting Help'

When you have completed (and saved) all required information a Submit button will appear in the navigation.


When the form has been completed and saved, you will see an Open button that will move the request to the Opened state. You will receive a confirmation email and Mobileum dsTest Support will be copied.

After a request has been opened a new form, Request Status, becomes visible and will remain so throughout the life of the request. Request Status presents the evaluation, resolution, and verified build information to the customer in a read-only format.