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dsTest Release 6.1 is available...

Customers with active support agreements can obtain the latest v6.1 release by sending a request to our Support Team.

Documentation and Tools

dsTest Online Help is arranged in these major sections:

FAQ - answers to common questions regarding configuring, operating, and troubleshooting dsTest, dsClient, and other tools provided by Mobileum

dsTest - instructions for installing, configuring, and operating dsTest

dsClient - command syntax and high-level commands for dsClient Terminal's command-line interface, and documentation for the dsClient Desktop application

dsFilter - instructions for installing dsFilter

Getting Help - instructions on how to collect and submit information to our Customer Support team

dsTest Schema - the XML schema that defines the configurable settings for all dsTest applications as well as the commands used to operate dsTest

You can browse through the online documentation using the table of contents tree on the Contents tab or search for specific topics on the Search tab.


Documentation for Previous Versions

Release 5.4

Release 5.5

Release 5.6

Release 5.7

Release 5.8

Release 5.9

Release 6.0

Example Configurations

Jump-start your test configuration with the examples installed with dsTest. You will find at least one example for every test application, as well as examples that illustrate advanced testing features, on your dsTest platform in /usr/local/devsol/dsTest/examples/. If you use dsClient Desktop, it will automatically download these examples into a read-only library in your XML Library.


Command Notation Syntax

Throughout this documentation commands and command line options are represented with a mono-spaced font using the following syntax:




Must be entered exactly as shown

<text within angle brackets>

Must be replaced with a value that you supply

[text within square brackets]

Optional items

{choice one | choice two} {0-10}

A set of mutually exclusive items or the range of an acceptable value


May be repeated