Working with XML Documents

dsTest is typically configured and controlled with XML documents. All communications between a dsClient application and dsTest consist of XML documents transported over TCP.

dsTest XML documents are governed and validated using a published XML schema. The amount of interaction you will have with the schema and with XML documents will depend on the user interface that you choose to use:

dsClient Desktop - an application that runs on your PC and produces complete, validated XML test configurations based on the settings you provision in a graphic user interface

dsClient Terminal (may be controlled by automation scripts) - an application that runs on your dsTest platform, or on any Linux platform, that validates and transmits XML documents that you compose

Schema Documentation

The structures defined in the schema, as well as their uses and valid content, are defined in the dsTest Schema section of Online Help and in the dsTest Reference Manual PDF. The schema files are deployed with dsTest and are updated when dsTest is upgraded. You can find these files on your dsTest platform in /usr/local/devsol/config/.

If you use our RESTful API, and therefore use JSON to configure and run your tests, the composition of your JSON object must conform to the XML schema. See Working with JSON Configurations for more information.

The order and composition of the XML elements in a dsTest XML document must follow the definitions in the schema.

Example XML Documents

Mobileum provides example test configurations for every interface application as well as examples that illustrate how dsTest features may be used. The example files are also deployed with dsTest and updated when dsTest is upgraded. You can find the example XML files on your dsTest platform in /usr/local/devsol/dsTest/examples/.

These examples are also deployed in the format used by dsClient Desktop. dsClient Desktop will import all examples into your XML Library automatically during your initial connection to dsTest and whenever a new version of dsTest is recognized.

Validating XML Documents

We strongly recommended that all configuration XML documents that were not produced by dsClient Desktop be validated against the XML schema (dsTest.xsd) before they are installed in the dsTest server. An online validation tool is available on our web site. Simply select the schema version for your dsTest release, browse to your configuration document, and then click the 'Validate' button. A variety of off-the-shelf tools are available that can also be used to compose and validate XML files.

dsTest automatically validates all XML configuration files when they are loaded, and if an error is detected a message will be displayed. Since the order of the elements in your configuration file must follow the order defined by the schema, element sequencing is a common cause of validation errors. An example of such an error is shown below. This error was caused by the "s6" element appearing before the "isdn" element in an SGSN emulator configuration.

Validation failed: 1 errors occurred

Error: Line:8  Info: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 's6'. One of '{net_type, isdn, gd, ge, gf, gr, gs}' is expected.