About dsFilter...

This section focuses on installing, running and using dsFilter. dsFilter is required if you want to capture traffic or use the User Plane/Data features of dsTest. When using dsFilter, the IP addresses used to configure the dsTest nodes should be different from the IP addresses used to manage the dsTest server with dsClient Terminal or dsClient Desktop. Failure to maintain separate IP addresses for these functions may result in disruption of communications to and from the dsTest server, and/or disruption of testing. 

Installing and Upgrading dsFilter 

Using dsFilter for Packet Capture

Using dsFilter for GTP Data Packet Control



If dsFilter functions (packet capture, user data) do not seem to working.......


Run the command lsmod on your dsTest test server. The output will be similar to the following:


~> lsmod

Module                        Size           Used by

ds_filter                               7380992 1

sctp                         274432 2

rpcsec_gss_krb5                     36864 0

auth_rpcgss                            61440 1 rpcsec_gss_krb5

nfsv4                       569344 2

nfs                         249856 2 nfsv4


The Used by 1 indicates that dsFilter is associated with dsTest.


If there is not a 1 in the Used by column then the two applications are not connected. dsFilter should start automatically at boot and dsTest should find it when it comes up, establishing the connection.


If the two are not associated, remove dsFliter module and re-install it. Then restart dsTest.


If this does not fix the issue, Contact Support.