dsClient Desktop...

dsClient Desktop is a Java application that runs on your PC and allows you to develop tests, run tests, analyze test results, and manage your dsTest instances through a graphical user interface. It operates with the same XML schema as dsTest and it validates your test configurations in real time. Watch your subscribers travel through your SmartEvents state machine with SmartMonitor or monitor your tests during run time or post-test using the application's robust reporting features.

If you prefer a CLI interface or need to include dsTest in your automation scripts, see dsClient Terminal.

In this section:

Installing and Upgrading dsClient - installation and upgrade instructions for Windows and Linux

Data Storage and Management - application library structure and contents

Getting Started - general information about the application workspace, the XML Library, and registering dsTest servers

Configuring Your Tests - instructions on configuring XML Snippets and complete dsTest XML documents

Interacting with dsTest - controlling and monitoring tests, running dsTest utilities, and other ways to manage dsTest

Analyzing Test Results - using chart reports, tabular reports, SmartReport, and custom measurements