XML Tree Search

You can search for a configuration element in the XML Tree. By specifying the scope of the search, you can narrow the search results to the area of the configuration in which you are interested. For example, if you are interested in configuring an Access Point Name, you can search the entire XML Tree, or limit the search to the Subscriber database by selecting the Subscriber Database tree branch in the XML Tree and then performing the search.

dsClient Desktop will return a list of potential candidates based upon the criteria chosen, such as Documentation, Usage, and/or Element Names. By highlighting a search result and hitting F3, the location of that element in the tree will be displayed. Then, by selecting that element and hitting F3 again, the element's location will be displayed in the current workspace.

If you desire more information about the search result that you have highlighted, you can hit F1 to display the dsTest Online Help for that specific element.