About the PFCP Dictionary

PFCP Reference for Everyone

Developing Solutions provides a PFCP Dictionary that enables valuable PFCP research.  It is a comprehensive reference to aid the configuration of PFCP test scenarios.  With the Dictionary, a test designer can:

Determine information regarding each message:

           -  Name and Message Code;

           -  A short description of how the message is used;

           -  Applicable Technical Specifications;

           -  A list of all mandatory/optional IEs allowed in the message. 

Determine which IEs are allowed within a specific message:

          - A list of applicable IEs names with a brief description of the IE;

          - Link to applicable technical specifications;

          - Length;

          - Mandatory or optional status of the IEs within the message;

          - The dsTest schema element that provides for the inclusion of the IEs in the specified message.


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